6 Easy Steps for Earning $100,000+ Through Sponsorships

The Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp | taught by Rick Nelson
  • 16 Videos
  • 25 PDFs
  • 13 Audios
  • 15.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

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Bonus Advanced Training #2 - Finding Email Addresses for Your Leads
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Bonus Advanced Training #3 - Recurring Sponsorship Revenue
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Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp
3 x $399.00
3 Monthly Payments - Course Begins 7/10/17

Course description

A few hours over the next few weeks. That’s all that stands between you and an extra $100,000 or more for your event, charity, blog, podcast, esports team, or small business.

How is this possible? Through the power of sponsorships.  Over the last 10 years, our company has taught thousands of people how to build profitable sponsorship programs for their events and businesses using just a few hours of their spare time. And since we’ve first started sharing our proven formula for building profitable sponsorship programs, our students have gone on to earn more than $18.2 million in sponsorship revenue, including many students that have earned in excess of $100,000 for a single event!

The updated 2017 Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp is the culmination of everything our company has learned over the last 15 years of sponsorship program management for properties around the world. With the perfect combination of relevant, real world instruction, tools, templates and more, the Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp gives students everything they need to generate life-changing income through sponsorships.

This Bootcamp will give you a crash course in all the vital components of profitable sponsorship programs, including:

  • Discovering Your Value Proposition & Target Market
  • Pricing Your Sponsorship Assets to Maximize Profit
  • Creating a Sponsorship Proposal that Converts
  • Locating & Qualifying Sponsor Leads
  • Cold-Emailing Success Strategies & Templates
  • Creating Sponsorship Agreements
  • Implementing and Tracking Sponsorship Activations
  • Doubling Your Sponsorship Revenue through Reporting

We know that as event producers, content creators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses owners, your time is at a premium. That is why we’ve developed the Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp to be taken over a few hours each week – not months or years like some other programs. We’ve included all the vitals and none of the fluff, ensuring you spend more time building your program and earning money, and less time learning outdated concepts.  

In addition to the training, we’ve included a ton of timesaving tools that will help you get your sponsorship program off and running in a matter of days. Students of the Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp will immediately receive all the following workbooks, templates, and downloads that will save you time and earn you more money, including:

  • Sponsorship Asset Pricing Worksheet
  • Sponsorship Proposal Template
  • Sponsor Lead Tracking Worksheet
  • Sponsorship Letter/Email Templates
  • Agreement Template
  • Asset Tracking Sheet
  • Sponsorship Report Template

Are you ready to earn $100,000 or more through sponsorships? We are so confident that the Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp will provide you with everything you need to get started, that we actually guarantee that this course will pay for itself. That’s right. If you’re unable to recoup your investment in this program through added sponsorship agreements, we will refund your money no questions asked. It’s that simple…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why $37?

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access the life-changing power of sponsorships. That's why we've priced this course so that it's affordable to every small business owner, content creator, and event producer. $37 just covers our cost of keeping this course content up-to-date and hosted online. 

(Plus it's been proven that by attaching a nominal sum, users are more likely to stick with the course and finish all the content. We want our students to succeed, and do everything we can to make sure you receive the full value out of this course!)

Is it Guaranteed?

Yes! We guarantee that if you follow the course, use our included tools, and put in the work, you can and will succeed with sponsorships. If for whatever reason you feel like this course wasn't worth the investment, we'll happily refund your money, no questions asked. 

How Long Does it Take to Complete?

Completion time varies by student, but most folks complete the course within 2-3 weeks, spending about 2-4 hours a week watching content and building their sponsorship program. 

I Just Don't Have Time Right Now - Can You Build A Sponsorship Proposal and Find Me Sponsors for My [Event/Fundraiser/Blog/etc.]?

Yes! We offer lots of full-service sponsorship services. Send us an email at hello@silvercrateproductions.com and our team will be happy to discuss some options. 

The Six-Figure Sponsorships Bootcamp is the most comprehensive collection of sponsorship training and tools available on the market today. So take that first step towards success in sponsorships and enroll today!

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Rick Nelson
Rick Nelson
President | SilverCrate Productions

Rick Nelson, President of SilverCrate, has over 15 years experience securing sponsorships and other profitable business partnerships for events, small businesses, websites, blogs, TV shows, internet startups, charities, and more. Most recently, he helped a struggling small business secure over $2.2 million worth of sponsorships in a single year, driving a massive shift in the company’s bottom line.

Through all his success and experience in building sponsorships, Rick recognized that his system for profiting through sponsorships was too effective not to share. Thus, he developed the Six-Figure Sponsorship Bootcamp, which he uses to show others how to maximize their sponsorship leads and conversion rates. This bootcamp will show you all these steps in detail, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the most vital components of soliciting and securing sponsorships, including:

  • Creating Value for Your Sponsors
  • Integrating Sponsorships While Retaining Your Brand’s Integrity
  • Building the Perfect Sponsorship Deck
  • Pricing Sponsorship Packages for Maximum Profit
  • How and Where to Find Leads
  • Crafting the Perfect Pitch Letter
  • Negotiating Your Offerings
  • Sponsorship Agreement Contracts
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • And Much More!